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I was so honored to get to photograph Brittany's Senior Portraits this year!   Brittany is such a beautiful and incredibly kind young lady!  She  loves acting and dancing in the theater.  I was in awe to see how many playbills she had to commemorate all the plays she was in.  I wish her all the best success and happiness for her future.  

Nicole's favorite place is the Beach.  When I gave Nicole some location to choose from for her senior portrait session, of course the beach is where she was most excited to be.  I loved that she brought her little furry best friend with her. Nicole is an incredibly sweet, kind and beautiful young lady!  She is so driven and focused in her academic studies.  Her goal was to complete all her High School requirements so she could graduate a year early and start her journey in life.  She mastered that with ease.  Now she can embark on her new life's adventures.  I'm wishing her the best success and happiness for all she sets out to do in her life. 


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